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Temple Run is one of the most popular game through out the world. Temple run is popular among players of every age. This is the game you will find on almost every smart phone users handy. This awesome game is now available for Android users as well.

In the temple run you will play as a thief and will stole the cursed idol from a sacred temple you will be followed by a monster monkey that will try to tore you into pieces. This game enable you to test your reflexes as you run down through an ancient temple and on cheer cliffs.

During running from the deadliest monkey swipe to turn, slide and jump to cross obstacles, grab coins and purchase different powerups to unlock different characters and know how far can you get in the game.

This game is based on a traditional concept of Hollywood movies where a hero tries to find treasure for his whole life but when he finds the treasure the next thing that comes in his way is how to get out of here alive with a treasure.

Temple Run Mod APK

Features Of Temple Run Mod APK:

The following are the key features of Temple Run Mod APK.

  • The total size of the game is 42M and can be played on android version of 4.0 and up.
  • Stole and idol from a temple and run for your life.
  • Avoid deadly monkey to catch you because the monkey is the main villain in the game that will try to kill you and end the game.
  • There are over 50 levels of the game each on the same concept but different situation as you go further and further in the game.
  • Collect gems and coins as you go further to upgrade your character.
  • Dodge the monkey and use different skills to safe your life.

Temple Run Mod APK

You can download Temple Run Mod APK free Latest Edition via the download button below:

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