Download Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Mod APK Free

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes is one of the best Android game for Star War lovers. Fight in amazing universal situations and environment to become the master of the galaxy. Make your own squad from different characters of different era and some new from Solo. This game is best suited to star war lovers and adventure loving players. Star Wars Galaxy is one of the most played game on Android plat form.

In Star wars rebel your leaders and create your own unbeatable squad that will help you to conquer different space ships and will help you to create your own empire. Defeat your opponents and become the top master of the galaxy as you defeat the galactic hologames in a far off cantina. To conquer more and more improve the strength and abilities of your heroes. You can fight with other players in squad cantina, PVP Squad Arena and also in the squad tournments to win the title of the master of the Galaxy.

Make your own squad of deadly heroes make tactical decisions and equip your heroes with the ultimate gear to make them invincible against your opponents.

Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Mod APK

Features Of Star Wars Galaxy Of Heroes Mod APK:

The following are the key features of this awesome game.

  • Based on Star wars concept.
  • Play in a universal environment full of amazing space ships, different environment and amazing new and unseen weapons.
  • Create your own squads by different characters, train them to fight and equip them with different weapons.
  • Fight against your opponents and defeat them to win their space ships and different valuable resources.
  • Equip your heroes with different weapons and new skills and abilities to win bigger fights in the arena.
  • Developed and designed for Android users.
  • Play with your friends and family members.
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