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Kill Shot is one of the best First Person Shooter Assignment. This game is basically on a military concept in which you will play as a soldier and have to take part in dangerous military FPS attacks and silent assassin missions. Most of the players like to play secret mission games of army and other assassination missions this game is best suited to that players.

This game allows you to use your sniper to kill different enemies from a very long range. In this game you will need your special marksman skills to complete different tasks and missions. In this game you will travel inside the territory of the enemies and kill hidden targets. And then flee from there place.

This game is designed to give you the experience of how a sniper perform in harsh and difficult conditions of war within an enemy territory. The game provide you more than 800 impossible missions to complete in a 3D Graphic environment to give you better experience and more fun. There are 50 maps that are used to locate your enemy locations in this action game.

Download Kill Shot Bravo Mod APK.

Kill Shot Mod APK

Features Of Kill Shot Mod APK:

The following are the basic feature of this military action game.

  • Play as an army sniper whose job is to kill within the territory of the enemies from a very long range.
  • Use your scope to identify your target select the place to hit like head, neck or chest to give a kill shot.
  • Based on a concept of one shot one kill strategy.
  • Explore the fun of military life by playing as a soldier and taking part in secret missions and assassination of hidden enemies.
  • This game is very precise and accurate one shot one kill is the main concept in this game.
  • Upgrade your sniper rifle as you go further and further.

Download Kill Shot Mod APK:

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