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Earn to Die is a racing game that was developed by Not Doppler for Android users around the world. Not Doppler is considered the best game producers in the Google Play stores by the users from all over the globe. Earn To Die is a very exciting and amazing game in its own idea. In this game you need to drive your car through the Zombie apocalypse. You will find your self in the middle of the sea of the Zombies attacking on you from every where. To save your self you will have to drive your car in the middle of the zombies. In the game you will gave a single car and a little amount of money.

As you go further and further in the game and survive different levels you will be awarded with more money and whole new updates for your car. You can change your car and also equip your car with big blades and guns to kill zombies and make your road clean for run. The game provide you 8 different types of Cars. You can also play this game in a championship mode in which the objective is to gain a high score in a limited amount of time.

Earn To Die Mod APK

Features Of Earn To Die Mod APK:

The following are the key features of this awesome action racing Zombie game.

  • This is the only game very unique and special in its own idea.
  • Drive your car through zombie Apocalypse.
  • Kill zombies by hitting it with your car and run to save your self and to stay alive.
  • Update or unlock new cars.
  • Equip your car with different guns and knives to wipe zombies that come in your way.
  • Earn money and other resources to upgrade your car as you go further and further.

Download Earn To Die Mod APK:

You can download Earn To Die Mod APK free via the download button below.

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