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Dragon city is the king of the hottest battle game ever developed for Android users. Train your fire breathing dragon to a killing machine. The objective in the game is to win the title of the top Dragon master of the globe. Dragon City allows you to create a unique Dragon city of your own and possess mighty dragons.

During the game you need to make a dragon city on a floating island on the sea. Carvest farms, habitats, buildings and possess your own dragons. Find baby dragons from the mountains and take care of them, train them, feed them to convert them into a battle beasts that will defend your honor in the Arena.

Dragon City allows you to create alliances with other players from all around the world to get different useful rewards from Alliance Chest. Obtain Deadly dragons from Exclusive events. Make a combination by combining fire, War, Legend and a number of other elements to hatch the eggs of hybrid dragons and add some unique dragons to your collection.

Dragon City Mod APK

Features Of Dragon City Mod APK:

Dragon city is a very simple and interesting game. The following are the key features of Dragon City Mod APK.

  • Obtain all the dragons to complete your dragon city. There are 500 dangerous breeds of dragons in the game.
  • Play the game every week to get new dragons from different events and from special islands.
  • Play at the Dragon Quests against other masters in the PVP Arenas to Claim for Warriors Chest, get exclusive dragons and write your name among the Top Master of the Dragon City.
  • Collect Orbs from the plants and feed it to your dragons to increase their power during the battle.
  • Provide you some unique and advance features like the ancient world and the Guardian Dragons.

Download Dragon City Mod APK:

You can download Dragon City Mod APK free via the download button below.

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