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This is the only game which have over 860 Million active players through out the world. In this game you have to run with the minions to win different awards. You need to run as fast as you can while jumping, dodging, rolling and also knocking minions off the track some time in action packed levels. Despicable Me provide you unexpected minion moments as you rush to get bananas and complete specific missions to increase your score.

The game provide you three different characters to play such as Dave, Carl and Jerry. You can dress up in three different costumes such as Lucy, Surfer and Ninja to give you minion a unique and special look. Provide you unique locations from despicable Me Movies such as brats lair, Anti Villain League and ancient Egyptian temples inside the pyramids.

You can power up your minions by riding two flying vehicles such as fluffy unicorn and Gru rocket. As you go further and further and complete different missions you are provided with new content and new costumes to give a better look to your Minion.

Despicable Me Mod APK

Features Of Despicable Me Mod APK:

The following are the key features of this racing Minions game.

  • Provide you one of the best racing experience in world popular places.
  • Provide you three different characters to play such as Dave, Carl and Jerry.
  • Based on the concept of Despicable me 3 Movie.
  • Provide you incredibly different and unique costumes including Lucy, Surfer and the Ninja to give a unique shape and look to your minions.
  • Race in the iconic locations of the despicable me Movie.
  • Provide you fluffy unicorn and Gru rocket to power up your Minions in the game.
  • Complete special missions and get new contents, new features, new environments and different new costumes for your Minions.

Download Despicable Me Mod APK:

You can download Despicable Me Mod APK free via the download button below.

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