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Most of us like to watch magic movies and think what if that was real and one has to fight against dark magic, devils and witches to ensure his survival and freedom. Well this is the game that will give you actual feelings about such concept. In the Dark Sword the dark dragon has closed the gate of the earth to the sun and lighting of the earth has gone and all the creatures become dark of the world. All of the world are gone leaving behind eternal pain. In the world which has lost its light a true dark action begins.

This game provide you the opportunity to play as a hero and defeat the dark dragon to get the lighting of the sun that had been stopped. This game provide you over 150 cool items and different fighting skills against the dark dragon. Gain different magical items that will help you a fight against the Dark Dragon. The main objective of the game is to open the door of sun to the earth so that once again the light can shine upon you and the whole world.

Dark Sword Mod APK

Features Of Dark Sword Mod APK:

The following are the key features of this magical action game.

  • Play as a hero with an objective to fight against bad magical forces.
  • Save the light of the earth by fighting and defeating the dark dragon.
  • Silhouette Action RPG.
  • Provide you allies from sanctuary of light to help you in a fight against the dark dragon.
  • Dark Sword provide you PVP Raids, dark dungeons and a lot more cool options to play the game.
  • Provide you more than 150 cool magical items different fighting skills and massive plays.
  • Developed and designed for Android users from around the world.
  • The total size of the game is 71 M.
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