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Call of Mini Zombies is one of the best 1 Action Game now available in App Store for Android users. Call Of Mini Zombies is just like another zombies game in which you have to defend your life against infected zombies or un dead men and women. In this game a strange virus spread in a very small town. The town people are infected by that deadly virus one after another. The people had lost their mind and kill others to make them their pray and eat them alive.

In these critical circumstances you have to lead some men who have guns, rocket launchers and you have to guide them how to fight with zombies to save their life in an Amazing 3D visuals. The game provide you some awesome and deadly weapons in the armory. The game is based on most of the holly wood zombies movies where there are deadly zombies all over the town and some uninfected group of men had to fight against them to win their life and survive.

Call of Mini Zombies was last updated on date 10 Sep 2013 with new and awesome features added to it to increase the fun of the game for players from all around the world.

Call Of Mini Zombies Mod APK

Features Of Call Of Zombies Mod APK:

The following are the key features of Call of Mini Zombies Mod APK.

  • Call of Mini Zombies is totally free of cost and is free to play.
  • Is an offline game.
  • The current version of Call of Mini Zombies is 4.3.4.
  • Kill zombies all around you using deadly handguns, rifles, rocket launchers to save your life and protect your friends.
  • Provide you one of the best and deadly weapons from armory.
  • Provide you one of the best zombies kill and survive experience.

Download Call Of Mini Zombies Mod APK:

You can download Call Of Mini Zombies Mod APK latest version free via the download button:

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