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In call of duty heroes you have to command an army of heroes, commandos, and drones from a franchise of call of duty. Call of Duty Heroes is a 3D Combat strategy game. Enables you to customize your base and train your soldiers fight against your enemies in a bloody war. In the game you call fully control your heroes, and can play as a main gunner in the chopper. Take possession of a small military post and make it a huge base for your soldiers.

Use your heroes and go on for hunting your enemies in offensive mode. During the game you can make alliances with your friends and other players from around the world to strike deadly on your opponent. Call of Duty Heroes is specially designed for combat lovers. Call of Duty Heroes allows you to create your own army, recruit special soldiers, train your elite warriors, make alliances with friends and other players from around the world and attack on your enemy post to capture their area and win different awards.

Call Of Duty Heroes Mod APK

Features Of Call Of Duty Heroes Mod APK:

The following are the basic features of this awesome combat strategy game developed for android users.

  • There are different versions of this game such as Call of Duty WW@, Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare, Call of Duty: Black Ops.
  • Call Of Duty Heroes is one of the best game offered from Call of duty franchise.
  • Use different units from call of duty to train your soldiers and transform them into a killing machine.
  • Use drone strike, UAV and chopper gunners to launch heavy offensive attacks on your opponent soldiers.
  • Make your base invinsible with machine guns all around the posts, snippers, landmines SAM turrets, Guardian soldiers and more than 30 upgradable structures.

Call Of Duty Heroes Mod APK:

You can download the latest version of Call Of Duty Heroes Mod APK free via the download button below.

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