Download Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod APK [Latest Version]

Being a kid we have faced some terrible situations in the school. Such as corrupt system, unfair teachers, bully boys, irritating games. We all know how that feels but what if we go back to the school and face these situations again? This is a question we oftenly ask from ourselves but we wont get any answer. This game is based on this concept.

In the Bully anniversary edition you play as an innocent kid who has to spend one year in a same bad situation. The character you will be playing in the game is a 15 years old jimmy Hopkins. As a kid you have to face bully situations, face the corrupt system and explore it.

In the game you will be provided daily based tasks to complete such as head to head conversation, completing different academical tasks, and score rewards. This game teaches you calmness in bad situations and the ability to solve a problem. You can learn alt from playing this game.

Features Of Bully: Anniversary Edition Mod APK:

The following are the key features of bully: anniversary.

  • The game provide you a complete bully story which includes extra missions, class room based games, characters and unlock different items from schlorship editions.
  • The game provide you stunning graphics, high resolution texture, dynamic lightining,.
  • Provide you native support for high resolution displays which makes the game more interesting to play.
  • This a turn based multiplayer game you can challenge your friends and family members to play the game.
  • Provide you smart touch controls which helps you to fully control your game on your android screen easily.
  • Can play the game with all device in your home by connecting them with each other.
  • Provide you physical controller support which enables you to get the most out of the game.
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