Bloons Td Battles Mod APK Download Latest Edition

Bloons TD Battles is one of the best strategy game designed for Android users. Bloons TD Battles is a top rated tower defense franchise game. It is a pure head to head strategy game for players of all around the globe.

Bloons TD battles is a monkey vs monkey game. Go for head to head strategy with other players from all around the world and make your monkey victorious. This game is specially designed for multiplayer combat with 20 head to head tracks.

The game provide you incredible towers and its upgrades as you go further and further levels in the game, provide you new attack and defense boosts. During the game you can control the bloons directly from your tower and send them to attack on your opponent defense line.

Bloons Td Battles Mod APK

Features Of Bloons TD Battles Mod APK:

The following are the key features of the game.

  • Bloons TD is a head to head multiplayer bloons TD game for Android smart phone users.
  • Bloons TD provide you more than 20 custom battle Taracks which helps you to explore more and more in this epic game.
  • Contains 22 monkey towers with 8 upgrades including the legendry C.O.B.R.A tower and strongest and the mighty among all.
  • The game contains two major modes one is assault and the other one is defense mode for players.
  • In the attack mode create strong defense for your tower and send bloons to attack on your enemy lines.
  • In the defense mode collect money and increase your income and create a strong defense which is impossible for your opponent to break.
  • In the battle arena mode put all your medals and rewards and fight the best as you can because the winner can take it all.
  • In a monkey tower boost option you can charge your tower to attack fastly on the opponent.
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