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Bakery Story Game was developed by Moonton for Both Android and iOS users. Bakery Story was designed for bakery shop lovers in Bakery Story game you can design and decorate your bakery shop as best and attractive as you can. Bake and cook sweets dishes to keep your customers happy. For sweet lovers it’s a new baking adventure.

In a stunning 3D world create desserts, collect different ingredients and decorate it to give it an attractive look. Beautiful looks and awesome music increases the overall fun of your bakery. Bakery Story is a baking game buy different ingredients, bake treats and decorate it in your shop for customers.

This game is best suited to those players who are tired of playing adventures and action games. Most of the android games are just action or adventure game. Players who likes playing game are sometimes get bored from these traditional games. This game is totally different from that games. It is very close to reality and fun playing game. Indeed this is one of the best game on web to spend your spare time on.

Bakery Story Mod APK

Features Of Bakery Story Mod APK:

The following are the key features of bakery story mod apk.

  • Bakery Story is a baking game for bakery lovers, make treats, buy different items, bake different items and decorate it in your shop for customers.
  • The game provide you better 3D Garphics which increase the overall fun of the game.
  • Decorate your sweets in your bakery in a most appropriate manner and decorate your bakery with different colors to look it more beautiful and attractive.
  • Bake and cook food with more than 50 different recepies to fulfill your customers demand and make them happy and earn profit.
  • The game provide you to earn in the form of money.

Bakery Story Mod APK

You can download the latest version of Bakery Story Mod APK free via the download button below:

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